Can Be Trsfered Like a Deseas

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Can Be Trsfered Like a Deseas Empty Can Be Trsfered Like a Deseas

Post  Deathprince on Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:44 pm

I'm the first dk who writes something Well I'm Deathprince most of you know me in guild as a tank... Actually before even try to tank or think of tanking i was PvPer. My first characer was a rogue. I never play him now..... I prefer dk power. We woun everythink !!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that a dk need is a good spec setup nothing more.... the rest is just pew pew dead ally.:)And something wich is the most important: Unholy is NOT the pvp spec of a deathknight. For more information about my secrets just /w me in game.[b]If anyone still don't believe that i can beat everyone, just come online and duel me... or something safer for your character( ego) just ask ppl who have seen me in action.
One sowl of the game is competition. Pvp is the most competitive of the faces. So Lets Nuk and all be Allyslayers!!!!!!!!!!!
Horde Rools!!!!!!!


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