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Post  Otievt on Sat Jan 19, 2008 5:53 am


19th of Jan: Otievt is an Affliction warlock (41/1/19), need to do some minor adjustments to my spec, but generally i like it the way it is. This is my 3rd 70 and so far the Lock is without comparison the best Toon i have ever done.

21st of Aug: Oti has now gone destructon (0/21/40), I'm not sure how long i can stand beein a wannabe mage, but i do alot of dmg, and thats always fun. This is a pure, endgame dun spec tho, and when it is time to lvl again i will be forced to respecc.

This is the link to my spot on Armory, but i am still to see it actually work

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