The day of Heroes (kara 1st boss)

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The day of Heroes (kara 1st boss) Empty The day of Heroes (kara 1st boss)

Post  clemmo on Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:47 am

This is the stuff of legends right here, there was a group of 10 guildies who went to karazhan to defeat the first boss, they defeated the adds up to the boss then came to the real deal thing. We started off by killing the horse well and the marksman came along and it was all over, so we thought....people were dieing, mana was burning fast, aggro all over the place. Poor salboar dieing many o' times <3. BUT $ heroes emerged from their ranks. These heroes fought with strength and honour in their time of need!! These proud 4 are: Elgrid=al=tank Elgrid was something of Gods at this point he took all the aggro and was fighting his heart out for the right to drop the boss, then there was Spiritwind=Dave=healer and benessa=flavio=healer these 2 were immence at watching how much elgrid was taking and was healing like there was no tomorow (great stuff (Y)) THEN THERE WAS ONE CLEMMMMMMMMMMMO=Jack=Dps master^^ he and only he had to drive down the boss's health alllone! and yes he did overaggro sometimes but theres always the faithful feign death move to help the aggro. This teamof 4 was determined and fighting fit to take the boss down...they fought long and hard (and used all jack's arrows up >.>) and got the boss from 100% down to 40% until the mana was run short and so was Elgrid's hp and unforunatly these 4 mighty ginats had met there match, bu they went down with honour =D and i'm glad to call them the DEVIL'S REJECTS >.< (good job to the rest of ya aswel, sept salboar your a nab =p) Next time we'll take them /flex....haha cheesy but good clemmo x

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The day of Heroes (kara 1st boss) Empty Re: The day of Heroes (kara 1st boss)

Post  Guest on Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:53 am

Nice read
Nab orly ? You know that if i was alive he would be dead lol cheers


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