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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 29, 2008 5:30 am

We have come to the following policy concerning raids, and that means atm Karazhan.

Raids will be on wednesdays and saturdays. If the raid starts a saturday the players who attended that run will have preference to the run on the following wednesday. If there are players that don't have time or for some other reason don't want to attend the second run, first then the spot goes to another player in guild.

Because we are saved to the instance this seems the most fair thing to do.

There might be some run in between saturday and wednesday but only if all players that attended the first run have time and are online willing to do it.

Also, all that attend a raid MUST and i really emphasize on MUST have the common things such as pots, bandages, food buffs with em. If u cant make a potion get some mats from AH and send to a guild alchemist like Elgrid, Lagdrath or Quarlock. If u want food buffs, kill appropriate animals or fish and send the stuff to Lagdrath, he can make any recipe, at least to my knowledge. You all know that the reason for this is that even 50hp extra or 10 mana/5sec extra can make the difference in a fight.

As a last thing, all of you that want to come to a raid must read up on the bosses we are trying to down. Even if the raid leader should have the knowledge, its far more easier if u all know what to do on a certain boss and so that we don't have discussions during a raid about how it should be done or not.

We only talk on TS during a raid if its some real important thing, otherwise only the raid leader should be heard. The reason for this is quite obvious, too many voices on TS never make a good raid and only distract people from what we should do in the instance.



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