Changes in Raiding (this did not happen, so no worries)

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Changes in Raiding (this did not happen, so no worries)

Post  Otievt on Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:25 pm

We wanna try to do Gruuls and Maggys on our own now. So the Thursday run with SMT will be changed to TK and SSC. We r aware of that not everyone in the guild is ready for these duns, but we r a really diverse group now, and we wanna progress abit. We will still be doin Kara, Gruuls, Maggys and ZA. But we also realize that the further progressed ppl wants to do some new stuff.

If u wanna know what u r ready for, visit: Be Imba. I also wanna specify that u can improve ur score by adding gems and enchants, so don't hesitate with asking ur guildies for help. Thats what we r here for!

We wanna specify that it is in no way the case that the gd geared guys will f*** off to bigger raids. So plz keep joinin all the raids u can.

Hope this can be a gd turn for all of us. And we will still have alot of fun!!!

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