To all our raidloving guildies!!

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To all our raidloving guildies!! Empty To all our raidloving guildies!!

Post  Otievt on Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:46 am

As u all have noticed things r running abit slow these days. Reason?? My reason is busy with Uni, others have work, some have a break before WotLK, some might have decided to stop playing cos of WotLK. Usually a new Expansion creates an anti-climax, but we just have to power thru it Very Happy .

Anyway lets be positive and find out what can we do??? Very Happy (look at my big smile! Boiling over with positivity)

1. If u wanna raid, come online. Even if nothing is planned on the forum, Our beloved Officers will try to get something going if there r enuf raidwilling ppl.

2. Reqruit more mature, raidloving ppl! U don't need to be an Officer to spread how wonderful this lovely little guild is. We take anything as we always have, but prefer mains (no altguild r we) and ppl in the upper end of the lvl scale 60+. And ofc we want em to behave like mature ppl. (don't want no: "OMG FFS heal u NOOB!!" do we Evil or Very Mad )

3. Help ppl lvl up and get gear for raid duns. The more thats ready, the more we have to choose from.

If anyone have any other suggestions, plz share!!

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