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Post  Damness on Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:09 am

Well I have been debating whether to post here or not, since joining the guild. But as you can see I have taken a leap at it. Firstly I know that as deep arcane spec Iím not going to be at the top of the Damage meter, and I was glad to hear in TS on the last Kara raid that a lot of people think that there is too much dependency on meters.

In many guildís it is forced that all mages must be Fire Spec to raid, when I joined this guild it was nice to realise that DRJ is not the same. I have tried hard to get better gear and many people know in the guild that there is nothing Iím not willing to try to get better gear, be it heroics or even raids that I am suppose to be unable to do.

Apart from the usual table, Taxi and Intelligence buff service I try very hard to through the benefits that come with deep arcane into helping all on the raid. Since a patch ago Slow has now been improved and only elementals are immune to it, I have tried it on all the bosses in Kara I have faced, nightbane, prince, Curator, Etc and they all are affected. This is the same with Maggie and KA.

However, after Kara, I noticed that, it is very unlikely to get upgrades which suite Arcane spec from Boss drops with in Kara, As arcane I have a Hit rate 85, which compared to Frost/Fire/Shadow seems very low but is in fact well above the arcane cap. I have been concentrating on +Spell Dmg and +Int items for the basis of improving my gear. However I have come up against a problem, Most Improvements in this gear is in the higher raids or hundreds of badges for one item so i have set myself to the very long slow grind ahead with out regret.

I love playing Arcane, and have played both Frost and Fire in the past and have no wish to do so again. I only hope that with the next Patch and the addition of several bonuses to the arcane tree, Arcane barrage etc, I will be a more useful member of the raid group, and be able to go after those fabled Tier Items that all us low geared players only dream about.

However till that time I will continue to try to raid, and hope my contribution however small is a benefit to a guild I am so proud I was allowed to join and raid with.

Yrs Damness (Guilds only Deep Arcane Spec Mage)

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Post  Otievt on Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:54 pm

Glad to hear u like it here. It is always more fun to raid with positive ppl than the usual grumpy git that knows best Smile

Personally, i don't care what spec ppl choose. Unless a healer wants to tank or vice versa. I might have a thing or 2 to say bout that. Hope u continue to have fun with ur arcane. And hopefully in the new patches and exp, it ill no longer be the spec that noone chooses Very Happy (this from an experienced Frost mage Razz )

Kris Cool

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