What You Need For Raids

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What You Need For Raids Empty What You Need For Raids

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:35 am

I'll start by saying that all that want to raid need to have these things on the list. If you are not interested in raiding, then you don't have to get it all, but at least get Teamspeak.

Firstly, get Teamspeak from the link. Even if Blizz has made efforts with the in-game voicechat thing, Teamspeak is still the option.

Then u need some essential addons that will make your life easier. To be able to control your threat in an easier way download the latest Omen Threatmeter.

Get CT_RaidAssist to ease up the raidleaders part a bit, as well as your own. It might be too old, we'll see about that when we start raiding.

Always wondered when the boss does his special attack u can't see? Download BigWigs and we'll have an easier time breathing.

We need to come well prepared for raids, and any dungeon for that matter. You will also always have to carry essential things with you like:

Super Healing Potions
Super Mana Potions
Heavy Netherweave Bandages
Food Buffs
(If u can't do the cooking, send all foods to Lagdrath, and he'll make it)

Unpack these addons in the folder Interface/Addons that's right under the folder where you installed your World of Warcraft game. So my path would look something like this C:\Program\World Of Warcraft\Interface\Addons


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What You Need For Raids Empty addons for raids

Post  Monick on Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:55 pm

Hello all...

I have some addons that are really useful in raids:
Deadly boss mod or Big wigs
Loot hog (just for raidleaders)
Icon helper (just for raidleaders)
Ct_raid assist
Easy raid

For healers: Grid/wammy or healbot

For rouges: poision pouch

For locks: Necrosis

For decurse: Decursive

U can download the addons from curse.com and from ctmod.net

Well here u got atleast some addons that u should/ or can use in raids, and they really help =)

If u have any questions, just send a message to me or u can tell otievt to call me, so i can get on ts =)

Good luck to u all

Biiiig hug from Monick


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